Press & Radio Promotion Resources for Musicians



Looking for local press exposure, album reviews, and/or show promo for an upcoming gig or CD release?


Well you're going to want to visit Indie on the Move's compiled listings of newspapers, magazines, blogs and entertainment contacts. Our up-to-date directory provides state by state and city by city press listings and contact links to help bands and musicians spread the word about their music, shows, and tours.


After all, whether you're a startup garage band with only a couple performances under your belt or a seasoned, touring veteran, a little extra press promotion always goes a long way in terms of brand exposure, show draw, and fan reach.


Looking for radio spins, interviews, and/or on-air performances to promote a new album, show, or tour?


...Then you definitely want to check out Indie on the Move's compiled listings of radio stations and media contacts for bands and musicians looking to expose their music to the masses. Similar to our press directory, everything is organized state by state and city by city so that you can best target your core audience and see the greatest return in terms of local show promotion.


Take advantage of this resource. There are a ton of radio stations out there that are itching to hear and spin new music. It's just a matter of finding the right ones for your style and genre.

Press Promo Tips

From social media sites and the latest apps to old school print outlets and fanzines, the Indie on the Move press promo page highlights detailed expertise from music industry professionals on how to best pursue and secure press listings, write-ups and general exposure, the benefits of doing so, and the significance of knowing your niche and exploiting it to the fullest extent possible to enhance your music career.


This advice is an absolute must-read.

Radio Promo Tips

From Internet music streaming sites like Pandora and Spotify to traditional college and commercial broadcast radio, IOTM's radio promo tips spotlight the seasoned advice of successful radio promoters and PR execs, industry insiders, and tech pioneers


Whether we're talking about spins themselves or simply a 30 second advertisement, radio promotion is HUGE when it comes to getting the word out about upcoming shows and tours, reaching new fans, and selling more units.


So take this opportunity to watch video excerpts and read interviews with the music industry's leading radio specialists, and learn from the best.