QuickPitch Emailing


And if a music venues database couldn't get any better, imagine accomplishing hours (or even days) of show and tour booking work in just minutes.


Booking a tour can literally take months to finalize when you're first setting out on the road and have yet to build the appropriate market contacts, so why spend so much time individually emailing every music venue you wish to play when IndieOnTheMove.com's QuickPitch feature will do it for you?


Simply select states, cities, and/or regions that you wish to book, filter venues according to genre, original acts vs. cover bands (or both), days/nights of the week that they host live music, and size, and IOTM will customize and deliver your booking inquiry to each selected venue's booking agent and/or talent buyer, drastically accelerating the efficiency and success rate of your show and tour booking. 


It even works from your smart phone! Get started HERE.


Please Note: QuickPitch is a premium feature of IndieOnTheMove.com that is only available to premium account holders and requires a credit card to be on file before use. Cost is just $0.25/venue included in a QuickPitch Email after a premium account is activated. You only pay for the emails that you send out. Also, QuickPitch is for show/tour booking purposes only; do not attempt to send non-booking related inquiries to venue bookers via QuickPitch. Upgrade your account or add a credit card HERE.


Disclaimer: While every QuickPitch email sent through our system will be delivered to the designated booking email address(es) stored on IndieOnTheMove.com at the time of message approval, we cannot guarantee that use of the QuickPitch feature will result in a show booking.


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