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We here at IOTM like to think of ourselves as the digital world's Mom and Pop shop for show and tour booking, and we do our absolute darndest to provide the best resources around for musicians/bands of all styles and accomplishments to get out there and play more shows.

Whether we're talking about attracting new fans, increasing music and merchandise sales, or even catching the eye of record labels, band managers, and other industry execs, the significance of live performance can never be overstated. It is THE tried and true method of sustenance and longevity, and the only definitive way to take your music, literally, "direct to fan"

So how did IndieOnTheMove.com start and what's it all about?

The concept behind the site began as a community based rolodex of music venues, booking agent contacts, venue reviews, and tour-related resources, but since its launch in late 2008 IndieOnTheMove.com has grown into one of the strongest musician communities on the web with a ton of features expediting and enhancing the show and tour booking process.


Our membership model is both a DIY (do it yourself) and DIT (do it together) approach to booking, and based primarily on the idea that musicians working together, networking and supporting the "scene", are typically more successful than those that go it alone


And it is this philosophy that has helped thousands of Indie on the Move members (which today not only include musicians/bands, but also booking agents, music venues, independent promoters, record labels, and band managers) truly make touring a reality, and elevate their music careers to the next level.

Who is behind the curtain?

Before starting Indie on the Move, Kyle and Bryan Weber (yes, they are brothers) toured full time in the band ZELAZOWA. Between 2006 and 2009, ZELAZOWA independently performed over 600 shows worldwide, thanks largely in part to the brothers' booking acumen and persistence.


Aside from dedicating most of their time to IOTM these days, the two continue to write, perform, and share their music with fans all over the globe. And of course, they use Indie on the Move exclusively for any and all booking needs.

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