Indie On The Move 101


"Indie on the Move, eh? Yeah, I've read the testimonials and heard tons of success stories, but how do I truly get the most out of this site?"


Well there are lots of approaches you can take with regards to maximizing your show and tour booking success with IOTM (reference The Benefits of Creating an Account), but let's start with a simple synopsis of the site's main features. These are the items you don't want to miss, items that we recommend you exploit to the fullest extent possible in your show and tour booking...


Music Venues Database

- QuickPitch Emailing

- College & University Show Booking Database

- Bands Directory

- Show Availabilities

- Band Availabilities

- Music Festivals & Music Conferences Directory

- Press, Radio, & Media Promotions Resources

- Classifieds

Music Venues Database

-Book more shows and better tours with the most comprehensive, thorough and up-to-date music venues database and venue reviews index on the web.


That's right, we actually check and verify ALL of the contact info and listings inventory on a regular basis. The venue pages themselves host thousands of detailed reviews from the IOTM community, describing experiences with club staff, pay, professionalism, staging, crowd response, what to expect, and what to avoid. 


You can you sort, search, and filter venues by state, city, radius and genre, and for premium account holders we not only provide the ability to filter further by original vs. cover houses, capacity specs, and days of the week that live music is held, but also list all of the available contact info for venue booking agents and talent buyers so that you can reach out and book a show at a moment's notice.

QuickPitch Emailing

-And if a music venues database couldn't get any better, imagine accomplishing hours (or even days) of show and tour booking work in just minutes.


Booking a tour can literally take months to finalize when you're first setting out on the road and have yet to build the appropriate market contacts, so why spend so much time individually emailing every music venue you wish to play when's QuickPitch feature will do it for you?


Simply select states, cities, and/or regions that you wish to book, filter venues according to genre, original acts vs. cover bands (or both), days/nights of the week that they host live music, and size, and IOTM will customize and deliver your booking inquiry to each selected venue's booking agent and/or talent buyer, drastically accelerating the efficiency and success rate of your show and tour booking.


Please Note: QuickPitch is a premium feature of that is only available to premium account holders. Read QuickPitch details HERE and upgrade your account HERE.

College & University Show Booking Database

Gigging on the college circuit can provide very lucrative income for any musician/band, and when done correctly can not only expose your music to substantially more fans, but can also help cover tour expenses and keep you out on the road for longer periods of time. So how do you land a show at one of these coveted institutions?


From community colleges to the biggest universities, nearly every school assigns the booking of campus events to a student programming/activities board. And most importantly, these institutions assign their programming board tens of thousands of dollars each semester to spend on entertainment alone. Big $$!!


So where can you find credible and up-to-date contact information for the programming boards and student talent buyers of colleges and universities across the U.S.?'s College & University Show Booking Directory of course! Trust us, this database is the Holy Grail of independent show booking and touring so don't miss out!

Bands Directory

-Find the right band(s) for each and every show you book. From Jazz and Blues to Rock, Hip-Hop, and everything in between, the IOTM community consists of artists of all genres and experience levels.


And the discovery process is easy. Just search and sort by state, city, radius and/or genre, and our system will deliver all of the appropriate results. From there, you can research, communicate, network, and gig swap with each and every one of them.


The Bands Directory is made up of some of the hardest working independent artists from all over the world, so you will absolutely find what you're looking for.

Show Availabilities

-Never again experience an empty stage or incomplete bill with our geo-targeted show availabilities and email notifications system. Post open dates and last minute cancelations, search and discover musical acts of all genres and locales to fill show slots, preview their music and media, and always book the right band for your event. 


Even if you're just looking for a local act to join the bill while you're out on the road, having the ability to post open show availabilities and geo-target bands in a specific market is HUGE.


And best of all, once an avail is posted and approved, IOTM members receive immediate inbox alerts for each gig opening in cities, states, and regions that they are following (following options are set in your account preferences).

Band Availabilities

-Seeking booking assistance for a last minute show cancelation or gap in tour routing? That's exactly why we created the Band Availabilities section of the site. 


Post and announce your band's availability for a specific date in a city/state/region, and see who in the IOTM community can hook you up with a slot or offer some advice/assistance on who to contact in that area to secure a show.


After all, you never know who's watching and willing to offer assistance to a performer in need, and who better to help a musician find a show than the greatest show and tour booking community on the web?

Music Festivals & Music Conferences Directory

-Whether you are chosen to perform as part of a conference showcase or simply attend one or multiple industry related panels, music festivals, conferences, and business seminars can be an exceptional opportunity to network with other bands, venue reps, talent buyers, independent promoters, booking agents, record labels, band managers, and fans, and when truly taken advantage of can drastically improve your touring prowess, press and radio exposure, online presence, and more. 


And that's precisely why we launched our music festivals and music conferences directory, to help IOTM members increase their industry knowledge, broaden their networking reach, and further spread the word about their music, shows, and tours. So take advantage of these listings and the contact info that is provided.


Play some festivals, submit to conferences, and by all means get out there and network. You never know who you will meet, or how much the right person can truly influence and accelerate your music career unless you put yourself out there.

Press, Radio & Media Promotions Resources

-What's the best way to get invited back to venues you've played, increase merch sales, and make more money while touring? In simplest terms, put more asses in the seats and increase your show draw. But how do you do that in a new market that you've never played before?


It's easy...Exploit IOTM's extensive media promotions resources and contacts lists for press and radio marketing and exposure. Whether we are talking about radio interviews, on-air performances, featured articles, or simple show listings, the more promo the better, and the greater your chances of bringing out the numbers.


And obviously the more people that come through the door, the greater the door take, the more significant the bar sales, and the larger the increase in potential merchandise purchases and new fans. 


-Looking to connect with another corner of the music industry (publicists, radio promoters, etc.), sell some old gear, or advertise your music-related services? Post a classified listing and get 'er done. 


From engineering, production, and mastering services to vans for sale, gear for rent, and wanted band members/players, we've got thousands of IOTM members connecting all the time through our classifieds listings. It's like Craigslist for musicians, so don't neglect to take advantage of this feature for any music-related want or need that you may have.

OK, so that's it for the IOTM 101 synopsis. Hopefully this write-up gave you some additional insight into why Indie on the Move is THE music industry's destination for show and tour booking. If you've got any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through the inquiry form located HERE. We're always available to help out members of the IOTM community.