When Am I Ready to Tour?

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If you are considering going on tour, there are a few prerequisites that must be met in order for you to make everything happen:


To begin with, you MUST have a band website, IndieOnTheMove.com profile, or any other webpage or online destination where music venue bookers and talent buyers can listen to your music and get a vibe of what you’re up to.

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You should also have a hardcopy press kit or EPK (electronic press kit) at your disposal if a booker requests it, but from our experience a direct link to your music and a YouTube video clip goes a long way when pitching your band to a new music venue.

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Above all else, prepare yourself and your bandmates for the LONG journey ahead.

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Show Booking Strategy

As far as booking strategy and breaking into new markets goes, we recommend starting small and scheduling weekend trips and regional tours before tackling the entirety of this great country. From there, radiate outwards from your hometown in growing concentric circles.

+How Do I Plan A Tour?


As you develop a presence and reputation (preferably a good one) in new markets, use those as your anchor dates as you try new cities. Over time you will slowly build your own circuit and a reliable network of other bands with which you can really make touring a full time gig.

+Establishing New Market Contacts


And NEVER forget to nurture your relationships and professional resume in your hometown (+Don't Kill Your Hometown Crowd), that is your bread and butter.




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