Free eBook: Quick Fix! 12 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Band Website

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During the last few years, musician website and marketing platform Bandzoogle have reviewed thousands of musician websites, and often, the same issues come up over and over again. So they've released a free eBook called "Quick Fix! 12 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Band Website".


Having the tech tools at your disposal is only one step in making an amazing website. How you design it, how you organize the content, and the content itself are key to building a site that will impress new visitors, where your fans will want to stay and explore, and come back to buy from your online store.


This eBook is a collection of 12 quick ways that musicians can improve their websites to make them look more professional and be more effective.


Quick Fix #1: Turn off auto-start music

Quick Fix #2: Loose the Intro Page

Quick Fix #3: Focus on one Call-To-Action

Quick Fix #4: Make it Easy to Listen to Your Music

Quick Fix #5: Add a Mailing List Sign-Up (+Nurturing Your Fanbase)

Quick Fix #6: Host Your Own Blog


Download the free eBook HERE to read the next 6 quick fixes as well as elaborations on each point.



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