Establishing New Market Contacts


Aah yes, the persistent annoyance of trying to break into a new music market without any connections to provide the hook up (we all know the story)...


For markets along your tour route that you have played before, use those contacts to lock up your next show and make those your anchor dates (Friday and Saturday night shows - the money makers).


For new markets, the easiest way to get your foot in the door is to contact other artists and bands in the area.


They are your biggest asset and can usually help book the show, or at least recommend music venues and other bands for you to contact (Hint: You may want to utilize the Bands tab at the top of the page and/or the IOTM Address Book to find, research, and reach out to local artists).


Also, when someone provides you a contact recommendation, whether it is for a music venue or another band, always ask permission to drop their name as a reference


This makes your booking inquiry solicited and not only increases the chances of your booking email being opened and read, but also often wins your music an extra listen when the booker is considering offering you a show slot.


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