How To Delegate Tour Booking & Promo Responsibilities

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When it comes to touring independently and really maximizing success and profits along the way, it certainly helps to delegate show booking, radio/press/media promotions, and other responsibilities amongst everyone involved in the project - after all, you have to run your band like a well oiled business machine these days if you expect to make a splash and build a buzz.

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You certainly don’t want multiple people trying to book the same city/date along your route, because it's not only inefficient, but also gets confusing for you and for the venue bookers.


And by all means, don’t just focus on booking the shows either. When approaching a venue booker it is always a good idea to explain where, how, and when you plan on promoting a show at their music venue and in their city.

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What local press and radio outlets will you be pursuing to receive show coverage, listings, etc. and increase draw on the night of the event (IOTM press and radio pages can be a big help here)? Do you have a local street team ready to hit the ground running with flyers, visit the local record shops with promo posters, hound the local college campus to spread the word?


These are all important questions to consider before, during, and after show confirmation, and every member of your band should be contributing to getting this stuff done.



And don't forget that when touring, you must also consider budgeting for lodging accommodations (reference "5 Ways to Save Money on Lodging While on Tour"), food, drink, gas, vehicle maintenance (oil changes, automobile breakdowns, accidents), etc. You've got to be prepared for everything.




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