50 Ways to Promote Your Music and Grow Your Fanbase - Part 3



**Guest post written by Nicholas Rubright of Dozmia.


In case you missed part 1 or part 2, you can read them HERE and HERE.



"Paid Advertising

If your music is already spreading somewhat virally through word of mouth marketing efforts, paid advertising can really accelerate the growth of your fanbase.



41. Google Adwords

Target ads on Google at people searching for new music in your scene. For example, if you're a heavy metal band, try targeting some of these keywords:


  • Heavy metal bands near me
  • New heavy metal bands
  • Songs with awesome breakdowns


Advertisements targeting these keywords on Google can provide cheap access to new music fans if done correctly, and with Google Adwords, you only pay for clicks.


On a pay-per-click basis, these keywords aren't very expensive.

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42. Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook can provide various opportunities to you as a musician. Here are some types of ads, and how you can make use of them:


Boost your post

You can pay to boost your post on Facebook so more people see it. With Facebook's organic reach being low, this can get your posts in front of more people who like your page, boosting likes, comments, and shares for important messages.


Promoting your page

If you have the budget, a quick way to get more likes for your page is to simply advertise it. You can target Facebook's massive user base by music taste, device, and more.


Lead ads

If you're looking to build your mailing list, a quick way to do that is with Facebook lead ads. These ads are pre-populated with a users information that's been shared with Facebook, such as their email address, city, and phone number, which makes it a smooth process for them to complete the form and subscribe to your mailing list. You can use these ads to target people who've already liked your page to turn them into mailing list subscribers.

+Facebook Advertising 101



43. Promotions on Dozmia

While ads on Dozmia are more expensive, they currently convert really well - with a 15% click thru rate (15% of people who see an ad click it). With these ads, you get full screen exposure to music fans using the app.


It's free to upload music to Dozmia, but if you're interested in buying ads, you can do that as well.


Get your music to more music fans on Dozmia.



44. YouTube Ads

If you've just released a music video, you can advertise on YouTube using video or banner ads to quickly generate more views. With so many other music videos on YouTube, it's possible to target users with very specific music taste.

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45. Remarketing

Let me show you something.


I'm going to go to Emirates website to search flights.


I entered in flight details and selected my flights, bringing me to the "Review" part of the checkout process.


Then, I closed my browser.


Now look what I see on the right side when I open my browser back up and log in to Facebook:


An ad for Emirates.


That's re-marketing, and it's a great way to increase sales. Many of your website visitors were likely about to purchase some music or a T-Shirt, but left. In fact, most people don't make a purchase the first time they visit a website.


Using remarketing ads on Facebook, Google's Display Network, or Adroll can help you generate more sales from fans who've visited your site, browsed around your merchandise pages, and left without making a purchase by reminding them of what they were buying as they browse other websites.



Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization on the surface seems mysteriously difficult, but at it's core, it comes down to proper optimization of your website, and how many links are pointing to it from other, more popular websites.


We've published a huge guide about how blogging can increase your website traffic, how to convert that traffic into email subscribers, and how to turn those email subscribers into sales. Check it out.


Here are some ways you can optimize your website so Google will find it.

+Inbound Marketing and SEO for Bands and Musicians



46. Blog

Blogging adds pages to your website, which increases the chances that you'll show up in search engines like Google for more keywords. Be sure to optimize each blog post so that it's likely to be highly ranked in search engines.

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47. Build Links to Your Website

Link building is the main method of improving your rankings. There are a number of link building strategies you can use to improve your websites rankings, but when it comes down to building links, it's important to write blog posts people love and will actually want to link to.



48. Submit your URL's to Search Engines

To get your website into Google and Bing more quickly, you can submit each url of your website directly to them. Before you do, make sure you give the pages of your website names that people might search for, such as "-band name- store" or "about -band name-."


Once your pages are properly optimized, you can easily submit your url's to Google or Bing.



Other Ideas for Music Promotion



49. Build an App

A mobile app can be a great way to stay in touch with our fanbase with push notifications. You can even sell merchandise (though not music downloads on iOS devices) inside your app.


If you want to build an app, check out AppInstitute.



50. Network and Partner with Other Musicians

Networking with other musicians within your scene and building relationships with them is extremely important. Hang out in music stores, go to local shows, and be friendly to others who are supportive of your efforts. This will benefit you if you ever want to cross-promote an album release, need musicians to play shows with, or even need to find a new band member.


Hopefully you found this post helpful in brainstorming ideas for marketing your music.


Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!"





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