5 Things Musicians can Blog About to Get Targeted Website Traffic

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**Guest post written by Nicholas Rubright of Dozmia.


"Even if your website is well optimized for search engines, it’s unlikely that people who have never heard of you are going to specifically search for you or your website. Because of this, the best way to generate new, well targeted website traffic is to start blogging.


When adding a blog to your website, it’s easy to make the mistake of using it as a platform to simply update your fans about new releases, merchandise, and tour announcements. However, if you want to attract people to your website who are likely to convert into passionate fans, it’s important to choose topics that are of interest to them – topics that they actively seek information on with the use of search engines.

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Here are some topics you can blog about that can help drive more organic, relevant traffic to your website.



1. Travel Blogging

If you’ve reached the stage of your music career where you’re able to go on tour, and your fans may be the type that are interested in travel, starting a travel blog may be a great strategy for you. You can share stories from the road, travel tips, and provide lists of must-see places in the cities and towns you play in.


Blogging about topics that interest travelers can attract valuable traffic to your website, depending on how well your music style fits into the lifestyle of a traveler. If your style of music would easily fit into road-trip playlists, travel blogging may be a powerful fan-acquisition channel for you.

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2. Music Marketing Strategies

Often times, musicians are the most loyal types of fans. They understand how hard it is to make a living in the music industry, and are likely to support your efforts by paying for merchandise and maybe even donating.


Blogging about music marketing strategies that are specific to your scene can attract other musicians to your website. If you’re able to convert these visitors to mailing list subscribers, this can provide valuable opportunities for tour partnerships or cross-promotions, and provide you with a passionate following of musicians.

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3. Gear Reviews

As mentioned above, musicians make loyal fans. Another way to attract musicians to your website is to write about your experiences with the gear you’ve used, since other musicians may be looking for reviews and experiences online.


If you play guitar, write about your experiences using particular pedals and amps. Doing so will not only attract musicians to your site, but will also allow you to make extra money by adding affiliate links to your blog. If you’re writing about gear you used during a recording session, you can easily introduce readers to your music.



4. Other Musicians

If you’re looking to attract website traffic from those who are actively seeking new music, including other musicians in your blog posts can be a viable strategy. Write up weekly lists of new songs, write reviews for new releases from fellow musicians, or even set up interviews.


However you decide to include other musicians in your blog, encouraging them to share the posts they’re featured in on social media and with their mailing list can drive valuable new traffic from a relevant audiences.

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5. An Issue You Care About (the environment, human rights, etc.)

Writing about something that you care about can result in high quality articles, since you’re likely to write with passion instead of simply to attract a following. Additionally, fans that care about the same issues you do will feel a more intimate connection with you as an artist.


If you choose to implement this strategy into your blogging, be careful about choosing topics that are too controversial, as it can potentially alienate those who disagree with you."





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