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**Guest post written by Rachel M., originally featured on Push Power Promo's Blog.


"Do you want to make a good impression on your fans and for other people in the music industry? Do you want to stand out above the many people who are claiming to do music these days? If so, there are plenty of ways to make this happen. Although a lot of people seem to be in a band or having a 'booming' rapping career, there are sure signs that people who really know the music world can spot in a truly dedicated indie musician. A lot of people can put "I Make MUSIC" on their social media profile, but there are far fewer people who actually fit the profile of an artist. Below are a few ways to boost your brand and show people that you're the real deal.



Have An Official Website

Have an official website that gives listeners all they need to know about you and your musical journey. Preferably with a .com name, having a sleek and updated website that features your music and background is a major way to show that you are serious about your music career. A lot of artists haven't taken the time to make a website because they feel like too much time and money has to be invested, but it isn't as bad as it seems! Maintaining a website with a few pages can cost as low as $5 a month with web hosting sites like Wix.com and Weebly.com [and Bandzoogle].

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Perform Often & Keep Calendar Up-To-Date

Do shows often and keep your dates posted on your music profiles. Nothing shows a band or artist to be more dedicated to their craft than a list of upcoming shows posted. A lot of people these days claim to do music but have never performed live. Let people know how you roll! Add a few videos from your previous live shows to your website and social media profile pages to rack up even more cool points.



Enhance Your Bio

Enhance your bio with reviews and achievements to give people a feel for how effective your music and career has been thus far. Get people excited about hearing your work before they press play by telling them about how well-received your music has been in past contests, shows, magazines, blogs and the like. Artists who send music submissions with a biography that lists many achievements are sure to stand out more than submissions with a simple bio explaining where you're from and what you plan to do.

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Register Your Music

Register your music with the Copyright office and Performance Rights Organizations like ASCAP and BMI to show that you are prepared to take your songs to the top like a professional. Companies like radio stations and music licensing libraries that place indie music in TV/Film are strict about only dealing with music that has been properly registered in order for artists to receive payment without hassle or confusion.

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Use High-Quality Photos/Videos

Use high-quality photos and videos to add appeal to your music brand and social media presence. The first form of representation as a musician online, before someone even gets to the play button, will be your image. Be sure the images on your profiles are up to date and of good quality. If you are just starting out and unable to provide a high-quality photo of yourself, a great alternative is to add a high-quality graphic or cover photo that fits your image as a musician. No one will need to know that you haven’t had your photoshoot yet! "




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