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"The internet has opened up a world of opportunity for musicians, enabling you to release music to a wide audience without the gatekeepers of record labels or a distribution company. However, you need to know what you’re doing. Releasing music online without a marketing plan and expecting it to sell is like dropping your CD in Times Square and expecting a record producer to pick it up. Touring and word of mouth are still great ways to gain new fans but a great way to supplement them is through online advertising.

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The need for online advertising

It might hurt parting with your hard earned cash and it could feel like paying for exposure is a blow to your ego - it should ‘happen naturally.’ In reality it almost never ‘happens naturally’ and paid online advertising can help your music reach a wider audience without costing the earth. There are many types of social media you can focus your advertising on but YouTube is particularly advantageous for musicians thanks to its search engine and discovery functions, and the capacity to enjoy the music on a visual as well as audio level. Here is some information on online advertising on YouTube.



YouTube TrueView - Google AdWords for Video

AdWords is the online advertising service developed by Google where advertisers pay to display advertising copy, product listings, and video content. The last one is probably the most useful to musicians - YouTube’s TrueView, basically AdWords for Video. True View makes video ads on YouTube which can lead people to your video, channel, or website. It’s easy to use thanks to the well made tutorial and you can get results from as little as $5 dollars for 5 days. It’s also Pay Per Click so you’re charged each time someone clicks your ad, meaning there’s less risk.

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TrueView Best Practice

This is pretty new so users are still figuring out what TrueView best practice is but there are some things you can keep in mind. In most cases, your video advertisement will appear before the video the user wants to watch and after 5 seconds they will have the option to either skip it or watch. This means the first 5 seconds of your video are the most important. Make your video in total less than 30 seconds long, include your logo and a clear visual call to action.


While it might hurt to pay for exposure, advertising with YouTube's TrueView is affordable and can be very effective. YouTube music is a game changer so roll with the the zeitgeist and get yourself on this platform."




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