Top 10 Free Internet Tools for Musicians



**Guest post by Harrison Welshimer, creator of MusicMunch Reviews and Interviews.


"Do you love FREE as much as I do? Duh, we’re musicians! Here are the top 10 free internet resources I recommend from personal experience.


1. Trello


Are you sure you’re accomplishing everything that’s floating in your head? Probably not! Trello will put an end to your unproductive streak.


You can create lists for projects (example: new album) and set due dates that tell you whether you’re accomplishing enough. If you’re in a band, you can also share lists and assign tasks to individual members.



2. Doodle


How much rehearsal time do you waste scheduling the next one? Those days are over with Doodle. Select a date or multiple dates and insert the times you can make it. Send via email to your bandmates and everyone adds their availability. Doodle will tell you what day and time everyone’s schedules match up. Also, it syncs up with your Google and iCloud calendar.





If you’re serious about creating and OWNING your website, having a site is a must., the site I created two and a half years ago, was built using Kinda tricky at first, but once you’ve spent quality time with it, you’ll really appreciate the total control you have. But… if you’re not wanting to get that involved, check out my next recommendation.

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4. Blogs


There are multiple blogs you can start for free, including (not “.org”),, and the most visually appealing, Why would you want a blog? There isn’t a more personal way to connect with your fans!



5. Facebook insights


Like this is new, right? Well, I know you’ve got a Facebook page, but have you really studied the stats? FB will tell you what towns and cities your fans live in. With the help of Indie on the Move, you can easily plan your next tour.

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It’s like the LinkedIn for creative people. I’m sure other people use it, but you can connect with fellow musicians, photographers, dancers and other interesting folks. Great way to find people in your community and build “offline” relationships.

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7. Just Plain Folks


If you want to be surrounded by like-minded musicians, but can’t always meet face to face, JPF is the perfect virtual substitute. Find amazing conversations and help in many different forums. All musicians are welcome!



8. Google Webmaster


You have a website, but that doesn’t do you a whole lot of good if no one knows it exists. Claim it using the Google webmaster tool, but also know this… Just because you change something on the website doesn’t mean your fans are going to see that change right away. Use the “Fetch and Render” tool to inform Google you’ve made a change.


This is really important if you’re releasing an album. Sure, the direct link will show the changes, but if a fan “google’s” you, unless the page has been fetched and rendered, they’ll miss your new release. No bueno!



9. Google Analytics


I just can’t believe all this data is FREE! Now that you have your website registered with Google via Webmaster, jump over to analytics and really dig in on where your fans are from and what pages they visit the most. If they like a certain page, find out ways to promote that specific page more.



10. Headspace


You, me and our musician friends have more zooming through our heads than most. And if we’re going to get anything accomplished, we need to reduce that noise. Headspace has 10 free sessions that have helped me think A LOT more clearly. I use it every morning!



Bonus: Entrepreneur on Fire


Music is hard, but you knew that. What you probably didn’t know is that the most powerful motivation can come from entrepreneurs who are slogging it out just like you. Yes, we talk so much with our musical brethren that conversations become stale.


Inject new life into your motivation with a DAILY podcast from John Lee Dumas as he interviews entrepreneurs from around the globe."




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