4 Ways To Get Your Band Booked When The Booker Ignores You



**Guest post by Chris "Seth" Jackson, a bass guitarist and composer and founder of HowToRunABand.com.



OH no! I can't get a show! I keep sending out booking emails that never get replied to. What do I do?



**1. Never Stop**

Keep sending emails on a regular basis until you get the show. I send an email once every 2 weeks. When I was trying to book a tour, I increased it to once every week until I got a response. If they say "No", back off for a month and try again. The turnover rate is pretty high for bookers. Might get a new booker next month that will say yes.

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**2. Ask Other Bands**

Talk to bands that are booked to play there. Ask them how they got the gig? You could ask them to put in a good word for you or set up a meeting through email. If you are on good terms, you might ask if you could do a quick 20 minute set at the beginning of the night for free.



**3. Go To The Venue**

Physically go to the venue. Meet the staff and ask them who does the bookings. Be nice and tip! Put up a self-promo flyer at the show. Hand out stickers. Hand out business cards or free downloads.

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**4. Put Together The Lineup**

Remember: "Bookers are lazy and want to do the least work possible." Put together a line-up of bands yourself and present that lineup to the booker. (Of course, your band is playing in this line-up.) If the booker likes the line-up and it's for an open date, they'll be more likely to book you because they don't have to do any work! You just did their job for them!




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