Nurturing Your Fanbase


When out mingling with the crowd before and after your set, it’s always a good idea to have an email sign up sheet on hand for people to be added to your “newsletter.” You want to be able to retain the fans that you win over, so make sure you get their contact info. Email is usually the most convenient.

+The Tools of Music Fan Engagement [Part 2]: Newsletters


Once you start amassing email addresses, you can begin sending out bulletins every so often to inform your fans of upcoming shows and news. This helps get fans from past shows to continue supporting your musical venture and allows you to promote new releases and continue to build your following in each market you frequent. 


Please note: It is not recommended to send out more than one newsletter every two weeks. Usually one or two messages per month is sufficient, without oversaturating your followers' inboxes.


And with that in mind, it is always important to have a reliable emailing system for sending out solicited mass mailings to your fans so that you do not set off spam filters. Here are four to check out:


GetResponse -

MailChimp -

Aweber -

FanBridge -



Another way to nurture your fanbase is simply to show them how much you appreciate their support. If one of your superfans is always bringing out their friends to your shows and introducing new people to your music, reward them with a free t-shirt, CD, or download. Maybe even add them to the guestlist at the next gig. It's the small gestures like this that go a long way in retaining fans and building longterm relationships.


And once you've accomplished all of the above and put together a strong network of dedicated fans, tour promotion actually becomes easier to facilitate.

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