Improving Speaking Skills Between Songs - Part 2 of 3



**Guest post written by Wade Sutton of Rocket to the Stars.


"In the second of a three-part video series, Rocket to the Stars' Wade Sutton continues examining how artists can improve their speaking skills when on stage performing at live shows!" Watch video #2 below.


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Between co­authoring “The $150,000 Music Degree” with former Taylor Swift manager Rick Barker and working one­on­one with artists around the world via Skype, Rocket to the Stars' Wade Sutton has dedicated his life to helping artists ditch their day jobs in favor of careers in music.


Serving as a live music producer and performance coach, Wade teaches singers and musicians how to turn their live shows into a kick­ass experience resulting in fans buying more merchandise and increasing e­mail sign­ups. He also puts to use nearly twenty years of professional journalism experience by creating biographies and electronic press kits for singers and musicians while advising them on matters related to the media, public relations, and obtaining sponsorships.


You can receive a free digital copy of Wade's book by clicking HERE.




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