How To Improve At Speaking Between Songs



**Guest post written by Wade Sutton of Rocket to the Stars.


"Finding a comfort zone while speaking to audiences between songs is something that has been problematic for MANY singers and musicians and one of the big reasons many clients have approached me for performance training and production of their live shows.


Unfortunately a lot of artists don't see how negatively this sort of thing can impact their performances. Nevermind for a moment that not being able to speak well can make a show feel less polished and professional in the eyes of your fans.


It can also result in you making LESS MONEY and getting LESS E­MAIL SIGN­UPS...both of which are the life blood of today's independent artists.


So I spent a large portion of time over the past year­ and ­a­ half exploring this very issue and looking for ways artists can improve at this extremely important, yet often neglected, skill. Asking questions, experimenting, testing some of the ideas on my own clients.


And it was amazing because it brought to the surface several things that nobody in the music industry was really talking about. That resulted in me putting together a series of three videos exploring speaking skills during live shows. Each video, around 15­minutes in length, tackles key points ranging from the way artists rehearse their shows to the manner in which they structure their sentences when pitching e­mail sign­-ups." Watch video #1 below.


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Serving as a live music producer and performance coach, Wade teaches singers and musicians how to turn their live shows into a kick­ass experience resulting in fans buying more merchandise and increasing e­mail sign­ups. He also puts to use nearly twenty years of professional journalism experience by creating biographies and electronic press kits for singers and musicians while advising them on matters related to the media, public relations, and obtaining sponsorships.


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