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Gigging on the college circuit can provide very lucrative income for any musician/band, and when done correctly can not only expose your music to substantially more fans, but can also help cover tour expenses and keep you out on the road for longer periods of time. So how do you land a show at one of these coveted institutions?

From community colleges to the biggest universities, nearly every school assigns the booking of campus events to a student programming/activities board. And most importantly, these institutions assign their programming board tens of thousands of dollars each semester to spend on entertainment alone. Big $$!!

As a result, performers that secure a college gig can expect a substantial monetary guarantee - typically in the thousands of dollars (even for solo acts). So how do you find reliable contact information (names, email addresses, and phone numbers) for these student talent buyers?...'s Colleges & Universities Directory can go the route of NACA or the APCA if you wish to spend thousands of dollars on membership, travel, promotional booths, etc. (without the guarantee of actually landing a gig, +The Truth About NACA: Gigging on the College Circuit)...

Or you can go the DIY route and subscribe to's carefully-curated College & University Directory, where you will find credible and up-to-date contact information for the programming boards and student talent buyers of 1,025 colleges and universities across the U.S. (View a Sample Listing) - PLUS music submission links to hundreds of college radio stations and student DJs looking to discover new music, as well as campus newspaper & magazine listings to procure student press. Trust us, this database is the Holy Grail of independent show booking and touring so don't miss out! How does the old saying go?..."You can lead a horse to water..."

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