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**Guest post written by Paula Tolly, one half of the Boca Raton based Americana duo 33 Years.


"Did your bass player just move out of town? Are you broke and can’t afford the next photo shoot? Looking for a way to make a bigger online splash?? Don’t fret! Here are a few DIY Band Fixes that you can try RIGHT NOW before your next gig. Roll your sleeves up and get to work!



Your band mate left - AGAIN!

Ok - it happens.... every band goes through a million little changes and it’s up to you, the leader, to make all this chaos look like an organized, spontaneous & creative process. TURN this Band mess into a positive with a DIY band image makeover!


DIY Fix: If you were a 4 piece, consider adding a stand up bass player to an acoustic act and become folk punk. What about some retro blues and make your band into a 3 piece blues act. Go see some local acts and see what music THEY are playing to embrace their genre. The key here is to make small changes in your band. They can pay off big time or lead you into a whole new direction!



Photo Shoot

Are you holding off on your new website because you don’t have the cash for that dream photo shoot? Chances are, you still won’t like the pictures you get from that expensive shoot!


DIY Fix: We all have that friend with the fancy camera, right? Time to take them to dinner and have them shoot you in an unexpected setting. The key here is to do something original. Be yourself and do something you would naturally like to do. You’ll be surprised at the results. Don’t have that friend with the fancy camera? Well - there’s always your mobile phone and instagram filters for your next photo shoot.

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My website sucks!

These days, there are so many inexpensive websites that cater to musicians that you really can DIY! Here are a few to get you started in record time.



Bandzoogle - Has over 25,000 musicians using their website. ASCAP members get an exclusive 6 months FREE TRIAL (and Indie on the Move members get 15% off!).


Squarespace: Build a Bigger Stage. Create a beautiful website to showcase your music. Custom designs made specifically for bands.


Wix: 100's of designer-made HTML website templates to choose from! New templates and genre specific themes to choose from.

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Be Social!

How many times do we hear bands say that they don’t want to be on any social media because of blah blah blah reason. RIDICULOUS! People want to see what you are doing on your Instagram, on your Facebook, twitter, etc...


DIY Fix: Assign one member of your band to be the admin for each of your social media accounts. Are you guys playing poker on a Wednesday night? Are you cooking in the kitchen? Today’s image is all about making the experience more personal. What is it about YOUR band that you need to bring to the forefront and make it FUN???

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Try one or all of these things today and you will feel refreshed and ready for your next tour in no time flat!"





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