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 Connecting Music Venues with Bands

Are you a music venue booker or independent promoter with open show dates and/or last minute cancellations that you need to fill? Or perhaps you're a musician/band, booking agent, record label, or band manager looking to find the right act to play your event?


Well you're in luck! With Indie on the Move's Show Availabilities feature, members of the site that are booking an upcoming event can not only post the date, time, venue, and details of their specific show and announce it to the IOTM community, but they can also geographically target and inform artists by specific genre(s) on a local, state-wide, regional, and national level so that you (the booker) discover the right band with the right draw and repertoire to make your show a success - oh, and best of all, it's free!


Just log in to IndieOnTheMove.com and click the "Manage Availabilities" option under the Availabilities tab at the top of the page to get started.


*Please note: Indie On The Move does not condone pay-to-play opportunities, and any posted availability requiring payment with submission must be approved by IndieOnTheMove.com site administrators (reference IOTM's Terms & Conditions for further information on site use). A further disclaimer: Conducting business online, whether it be selling or buying, has and will always carry a risk. As more members frequent the availabilities, so does the potential chance of deals going bad (intentional or unintentional). Purchases and sales are made at your own risk and IndieOnTheMove.com will not be held liable in any way. Site moderators and administrators are not responsible for any losses resulting from the use of this section.

Band Availabilities

 - Connecting Bands with Music Venues

Sure, we've all been out on the road weeks into the tour and hundreds of miles from home when you receive a last minute call or email from the booker of one of the music venues you are playing this week (or even tonight!) with the unfortunate news that your show has been canceled.


Terrible news, right?!


The immediate questions that come to mind are: Is it possible to get a replacement show this late in the game or find an appropriate bill that we can hop on? Do we know anyone in the area that can help? Are there any other music venues or bands that may be willing to lend us a hand?...And the resounding answer is YES!


IndieOnTheMove.com's Band Availabilities feature allows and encourages artists, bands, and groups of all styles and genres to announce their availability and reach out to the IOTM community for help with specific dates and locations. After all, you never know who's watching and willing to offer assistance to a performer in need. So please exploit this feature for all it's worth and make your life a little easier - and again, it's free.


Just log in to IndieOnTheMove.com and click the "Manage Availabilities" option under the Availabilities tab at the top of the page to get started.

Classifieds - A Marketplace for Music Related Goods & Services

Looking to connect with another corner of the music industry (publicists, radio promoters, etc.), sell some old gear, or advertise your music-related services? Post a classified listing and get 'er done. 


From engineering, production, and mastering services to vans for sale, gear for rent, and wanted band members/players, we've got thousands of IOTM members connecting all the time through our classifieds listings. It's like Craigslist for musicians, so don't neglect to take advantage of this feature for any music-related want or need that you may have.


Just log in to IndieOnTheMove.com and click the "Manage Classifieds" option under the Availabilities tab at the top of the page to get started.



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