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  • "Once we had improved our presentation and it was time to pitch venues for our tour dates, IOTM did the heavy lifting and all I had to do was answer the abundance of emails that came in from venues in all of our target markets. I would highly recommend using this service, especially if you are just starting to hit the road." - Roosevelt, indie/alt rock trio out of Cincinnati, OH

  • "This is by far the best tool an independent band can use...After my consultation with an IOTM staff member, I had a tour basically on my lap within 24 hours!! The "magic email" still works and we are now planning our second tour to a different part of the U.S. Extremely helpful, very professional and amazing results. This truly is the real deal!" - The Johnny McCuaig Band, rock band out of Regina, Canada

  • "Indie On The Move is an absolute life-saver for independent artists! [They] made the entire [booking] process simple, fun, and (most of all) effective. Can't wait to go out on the road again!!" - Haley Mae Campbell, indie/rock singer-songwriter out of Charleston, SC

  • "We had a date across the other side of the country and wanted to fill in our trip to and from (in fairly short order). [IOTM] sorted through our promo materials and helped us pair it all down to a succinct, impressive pitch. This helped us secure 13 dates (more still being added) in just 2 weeks. Very impressed!" - Jess Lamb, Cincinnati based indie rock/pop artist

  • "IOTM allowed me to go on my first tour ever as an artist! They were the answer we were looking for in figuring out how to book shows in other cities and get our name out there...I highly recommend the DIT package and thank you IOTM!!" - Jay Kila, NYC Alt Hip Hop artist

  • "Within about an hour of the initial email sendoff to the venues [in an IOTM DIT Tour Booking Campaign] I was getting dates filled in the calendar. If you're looking to save time, punch up your ability to get taken seriously, and open doors to venues you didn't know about before, this is a stellar option." - The Lark and the Loon, Eureka Springs Folk, Jazz, Bluegrass, Old Time duo


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