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  • "I've booked numerous regional tours and 3 solo tours that have spanned half the country, and 3/4 of my tours have been booked through the music venues search function on this site...I'm working with a booking agent now, but I couldn't have gotten where I am in my career without you guys! You take DIY music missions to the next level." - Julia Weldon, Brooklyn based Singer-Songwriter

  • "Indie On The Move is an incredibly powerful tool for independent musicians. I've used IOTM to book all of my tours. I can't even imagine how many hours of research and phone calls I saved by using this resource. I can't imagine being able to tour without it." - M. Lockwood Porter, Alt-Country/Americana Singer-Songwriter based in Berkeley, CA

  • "IOTM is wayyy ahead of every other booking listing or service out there. After having used The Indie Bible and Musicians Atlas in the past for booking my band and others, I found those resources unnecessary after I started using's almost like Yelp for venues. Sick. On top of that [IOTM] did an awesome job for us with the DIT campaign." - i am Love, Philly Experimental Folk

  • "Indie on the Move is by far the most extensive, useful tool any band could use for booking their own tour. This is evident by their extensive venue directory and tons of positive testimonials. For us, it has enabled our band (Train Company) to break into new geographies and route our own tours the way we see fit. However, IOTM does so much more...If you're a hard working band looking to get on the road, and you're serious about making that happen, IOTM's DIT campaign will get you on the road and save you an insane amount of time and money! Go make it happen!" - Train Company, Blues, Psychedelic, Rock from Chicago

  • "Indie on the Move is a must for indie bands of all shapes and sizes...Working with them gave us the extra push we needed to put us in contact with promoters across the country. I HIGHLY recommend using IOTM when booking out of town!" - Bong Hits For Jesus, Regge/Rock/Party band from Philadelphia, PA

  • "In the last calendar year, we've traveled over 40,000 road miles in our van, zig-zagging the country and playing everywhere from dive bars, honky-tonks, and pool halls, to weddings, festivals, breweries, cemeteries, and wood-carving competitions. None of this would've been possible without IOTM. It's the most succinct and complete database for booking shows that we've ever seen, and we depend on it not only for booking in new markets, but also for finding new venues in places where we're already established; it's hard to imagine being an independent artist without IOTM as a tool." - Smooth Hound Smith (Roots/Blues/Americana duo - Nashville, TN)

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