The Manager's Playlist: Get Your Mind Right!

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This playlist is a group of videos arranged to get a manager's head in the right place for success. It starts off with the basics of what a manager does, from what to expect to what your actual role is. It shows you how to pick your clients to help ensure a healthy and fun relationship, and about staying true to yourself by finding your "True North." Show your clients and business partners you care by making your transactions personal, and how to pick the partners you trust your livelihood with. When the eventual hurdles of your career come, it is important to focus on the wins, and eventually get to the scoring zone! The playlist ends with a forward by Brandon Boyd. It perfectly describes the relationship of artist and manager, and gives insights on what it takes to succeed and work together over long periods of time. These videos can help get your head into the right place as you enter your career as a music manager.


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