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  • Paul Lipsey

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  • Bronx, NY 07675
  • Hip Hop, Indie, Rap
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  • Sweetwater's Act III Night Club Make Music New York
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So Fly Plays: 261
My Life Plays: 239
No Heart Plays: 287
Trying Hard Plays: 251
Every Night Plays: 270


Playing instruments since 5th grade(Saxophone, Drums, Keyboards). Paul Lipsey is a product of the culture of Hip-Hop... Spending the first 9 years of his life on Staten Island(Shaolin), he was fortunate enough to see the Force Mc's perform live on numerous occasions having grew up around them. Moved to jersey in 5th grade he got into breakdancing and instruments... Moved to the bronx in 10th grade he started arranging music for his aunt who was a recording artist... Rapping since 1990, Paul Lipsey was blessed enough to cross paths with Rakim... Who took Paul Lipsey under his wing and guided him on presenting a better product... This led to Rakim setting up a meeting with Lyor Cohen when Lyor was still with Rush Management... That one hour meeting changed everything for Paul Lipsey... Shortly after he got a few writing gigs with The Source magazine... He did Common's (Common Sense) album - "Can I Borrow A Dollar?" and Dougie Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - "Doing What I Gotta Do"... In 1992 He was invited to record on a classic posse cut... "Pass The Mic"... Produced by Ram Slam, featuring King Sun, Percee P, Kool Kim(U.M.C.S), Rich Nice and others... Played on the legendary "Stretch & Bobbito Radio Show" and WBLS 107.5... In 1994 Paul Lipsey was featured on a maxi-single,The "D.O.B." Project... Recording 2 solo songs and a single with 2 other artists... In 1996 He started producing and in 1999 released his first solo album... M.W.C. Vol. 1 - To Whom It May Concern... and in a few years after releasing his second solo album... M.W.C. Vol. 2 - 2 B Exact... After this he released 2 mixtapes down south in Atlanta... Who's Apprentice? Vol. 1... & Who's Apprentice? Vol. 2... & a CLASSIC mixtape with legendary rappers... Apprentice & Friends Vol. 1... In 2006 He released his 3rd solo album... M.W.C. Vol. 3 - Social Studies... After which he released the 2 final volumes of the Who's Apprentice Series... Who's Apprentice? Vol. 3... & Who's Apprentice? Vol. 4... & Finally, the first 2 volumes of the Bronx Voices Series... Bronx Voices Vol. 1... & Bronx Voices Vol. 2... On 1/1/2010 He released his first project under his birth name "Paul Lipsey"... Who's Paul Lipsey? Vol. 1...On 1/1/2012 He Released "The Staten Island Project"... Next up - "The Kae Lipsey Experiment"...

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