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  • The Many Men

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  • Chicago, IL 60605
  • www.themanymen.com
  • Blues, Indie, Rock
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  • Milwaukee, WI: Mirimar Theatre Linnemans Riverwest The Eighth Note The Whistle Stop Madison, WI: TC Katz The Pub Ram's Head Tavern Whiskey River Great Dane's Pub Mercury Lounge Kelly's Bar & Grill Ogg Hall The Frequency The Come Back In The Dry Bean Madison State Street Chicago, IL: Abbey Pub
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Songs (5)

B&B Plays: 316
Same Old, Same Old Plays: 343
Stained Glass Plays: 365
Susannah Plays: 339
Icarus Plays: 325


Jonathan Lohman- Rhythm
Dan Pfeiffer- Melody

Spook Blues

Sounds Like...
Electric Lemonade, a Dan Auerbach-Amy Winehouse long distance relationship, tantric espionage rock, underwater Beatles playing left-handed.

Have Played Alongside...
The Nod, The Fatty Acids, The State Of, American Zeroes, Quick Fix, Birdflu, Local Heroshima, American Monroe, The Heavy Bands, Birdflu, Mic Lordz and Sauce Funky, Brett Newski, Nuclear Woods, Lazerwuolf, and Many More

Origins and Influences
When Many Men formed in late 2011 nobody was quite sure what to expect. Jonathan Lohman of Milwaukee, Wisconsin's tragically underrated Blues Rock band 'The Peccadillos' and Dan Pfeiffer of Madison's laughably overrated Hip Hop super group 'Lite Skinded' had just come off of very serious long term musical relationships and were looking for love. What began as a simple magnetic rhythm crush between polar opposites quickly blossomed into what can only be described as sonic chocolate. The result of their immediate connection is the liquid recess now known only as the “Spook Blues”. Sounding as if Muddy Waters somehow grew up listening exclusively to Dr. Dre, the power duo has been tirelessly rehearsing and recording in Chicago, Illinois working on material for their upcoming debut album.

In addition to their original music, the 'Many Men' have been enhancing an already overflowing stable of classic covers consisting of anything and everything between Hendrix and the Beatles to Michael Jackson and Outkast. If Cake was hired to compose all of the Bowser levels of Mario, what would ensue would be eerily similar the the musical stylings of 'Many Men'. Their richter-scale rap beats have been known to cause tidal soundbursts. Their ghastly blues melodies sometimes force the crowd to cry joyful acid feardrops. They've rocked louder venues such as the Madison's Frequency, Whiskey River, and Great Dane's Pub but don't be intimidated by they're inherent awesomeness, they'll serenade the shit out of you acoustically if that's what you're into.

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