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  • Spokane, WA 99223
  • Jam Band, Psychedelic, Rock
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  • Carrs Corner, The Foggy Bottom Lounge, Ichibans, The Lions Lair, The Sunset Junction, The Grail, SCC, The Swamp, Zolas, The Viking, The BLVD, The Empryrean, The Seaside, Nyne, Jones Radiator, The Coeur D'Alene Music Festival, The Red Lion, Jimmyz The Redroom Loung
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Songs (5)

Gogogadget funk Plays: 303
Barca Plays: 325
Afterthoughts Plays: 315
Strange travels Plays: 309
Last Crossing Plays: 304


an elcectic mix of dual percussion and drums, keys, synth, guitar, bass, and vocals...with rotating guest on saxaphone, guitar, keys, trumpet, flute, e.w.i, didgeridoo, violin, and a multitude of intermingling energies have helped build and shape the sound that is B RADICALS. An experimentally based rock group with improvisation and metaphysically inspired lyrics make this a mix of danceable beats and colorful music to inspire the creative joy we all bring into this life.

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