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  • Black Beast Revival

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  • Wild Buffalo, The Fairhaven Pub and Martini Bar, The Shakedown, Rumors,
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Rabbit's Hole Plays: 315
Fade into Blue Plays: 290


Black Beast Revival is high energy dark sexy rock and roll characterized by heavy pounding animalistic drumbeats, torrid guitar solos and heavy bass lines with a vocal soul that rein in an eclectic and satisfying sound. Black Beast Revival began caressing the Northwest in early 2011 with a sound that touches all aspects and avenues of rock and roll. Composed of four good looking and musically talented individuals; the driven, high-energy group creates a soul-satisfying experience that is sexual and addictive. . .

The resulting sound is diverse and well-respected enough to have played with a wide variety of musical acts. From Northwest Hard Rock bands like Witch Burn and Pierced Arrows (Dead Moon), to underground music legends such as Igor and the Red Elvises, platinum selling group Marcy Playground and the legendary King of surf rock Dick Dale.

No show is without excitement and energy, and each member’s stage presence builds on an already stellar act. Zack delivers a vigorous and lively performance, all the while maintaining a precise and crystalline musical execution. Bill is as much a part of his drum set as the high hat and cowbell, melding with the drums until man and instrument are a singular being – the resulting style comparable to none. Brice’s smooth groove is enticing and magnetizing, his complex riffs look both effortless and intimidating. Erin James’ finely crafted stage presence, from crazed and harried to smooth and sensual, pulls the crowd into fevered devotion and creates a hunger for music and that many find insatiable. Each song is unique, yet hints at almost every sub-genre of rock and roll; generating a vibe only felt when in the presence of musical greatness.

As the music grabs hold, the need to move a little closer, open your ears a little wider and lose yourself in the sound is both insatiable and it becomes undeniable that Black Beast Revival is Rock!

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