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  • Beth Isbell & Holly Wood

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  • Conservatory, Tapwerks, ACM Performance Lab, Blue Note, Arcadia Blues Festival, OKC Arts Festival, Velvet Monkey, OKC Pride Festival, Poor David's Pub, Curtain Club, Bricktown Brewery, JJ's Alley, and many others...
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BeTh isBell & Holly Wood perform modern indie pop/rock originals & favorites, and powerful improvisational jazz poetry, as a vocal driven guitar and keyboard acoustic indie pop rock duo Producing a hauntingly beautiful soundscape reminiscent of a Lady Gaga & Patti Smith duet, this is a fun show, full of crowd sing-alongs and audience favorites, delivered with humor and nice technical performance skills. Beth is a recent graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma (ACM@UCO). Holly is a self-taught keyboard player with perfect pitch. Together, the blend and contrast of their voices leave their audiences smiling & their rapidly growing following craving more. (Beth also has two poetry books that are being published by Tate Publishing (OKC, OK) - one an illustrated children's book written in the style of Dr. Seuss about green snot (yes, that kind of snot) titled The Book of Green Goo, and the other a modern poetry book for a more adult audience titled The Broken Whale, both being released in Fall 2014).

Full band, the group is known as BeThisBell, and takes on a much heavier Psychedelic Grunge Punk Rock vibe with a new debut album coming out on April 15, 2014. Recorded in Summer/Fall 2013 with producer Trent Bell (Chainsaw Kittens) right before Holly joined forces with Beth and the band. The full album is being signed to an 85/15 administration deal by music publisher Workshop Productions, Inc., and the title cut We Are The Gods is also being represented by music publisher Essex Music Intl., Inc. In addition to Beth & Holly, the full band features Cody Fowler on bass, Blaise Thompson on guitar, and Kellan Turner on drums. Cody also plays in the national touring indie rock band Horse Thief. The new album also features guest appearances by Nick Ley of colourmusic on drums, and Justin Hays on additional rhythm guitars. Available for regional & national tours. Listen to the band's new album "We Are The Gods!" on SoundCloud:

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