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The Kraken is the latest and greatest reincarnation of a a local gathering space that started out in the 1940's as a garage and food stand on what was originally a dirt road between Chapel Hill and Greensboro. It's located at the intersection of NC Highway 54 West and Dodson Crossroads, just a few miles west of downtown Carrboro and Chapel Hill.

The venue has been a bar in recent decades, under such names such as The Lil' Bar, Boogers, and Catahoula's, but all of those pale to the current, friendly and rocking venue to which Eric donated his heart and soul. He started the current friendly incarnation in 2009, and Jody and Kirk took over The Kraken just prior to December of 2014, and have no plans for major changes.

You will find the same friendly Kraken staff, the best front porch in town, free pool, great bands on the weekends and everything else you've grown to love about The Kraken. Almost all of the concerts will still be free, though we ask that you generously tip the bands and bartenders. We are making minor improvements including liquor and beer selection and other details, and we welcome your input.

We're open seven days a week, starting at 3pm. On slow early weeknights we may close earlier than our regular 2am cutoff. We will gauge attendance by 11pm during the cold months and later during the warm months. If the outdoor lights are off on an early weekday night, we have closed early.

Please contact us via email at info@thekrakenbar.com for questions and inquiries. If you wish to book your band, please refer to our new booking page at http://www.thekrakenbar.com/index.php/booking

You can find us at other online spaces as well:

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