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  • Magus & The Plastic Infinity

  • Username: Magus
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  • Wilmington, NC 28405
  • Blues, Psychedelic, Rock
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  • The Juggling Gypsy, The Whiskey
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Magus (a.k.a. Trent Boswell) is a sentient, extra-planar being of indeterminate origin. Shapeshifting and bizarre, it is best not to look directly at it, or to attempt a mind meld. The most advisable course of action, if confronted with this entity is to stand idly by and listen to the strange and soothing sounds it makes. The protocol is to applaud at the conclusion of these exhibitions and to purchase small plastic discs from it, which it refers to as CDs. It becomes hostile when offerings of standard issue currency are not promptly placed in the box marked TIPS.

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