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  • Hope For The Dreamer

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  • Disputanta, VA 23842
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  • Alternative, Hard Rock, Metal
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Songs (5)

REGRET Plays: 221
I HOPE YOU SEE Plays: 255
OUT OF REACH Plays: 210
TURN THE PAGE Plays: 204


A young, hot, four piece, melodic core rock band from Disputanta, Virginia
Joey Villalobos-(music, lyrics, lead vocals, and lead guitar)
Alex Humphries-(rhythm guitar, backup vocals, bass, and screams)
Joey Rickman-(core productions, and drums)
Jimmy Hicks-(bass, backup vocals and screams)

Bringing his love of all kinds of music born into his bones from TEXAS, Joey Villalobos, had just moved to VA with his family, when he found a kindred soul in Alex Humphries. at his high school in Prince George, Alex's dad, just like Joey's is a musician. Together they found Joey Rickman, who also comes from a family of professional musicians, at their high school as well, although initially he was JUST their producer with his own sound company, CORE STYLE PRODUCTIONS. However, when it was clear that their other drummer was not going to work out, Rickman decided to step in and help out on a temporary basis. The band is currently working with his replacement, Jacob to bring him in for all of a our new shows. Finally after a little bit of trial and error, the guys found Jimmy Hicks, whose fun and easy ways, along with natural ability and eagerness to learn made him a perfect fit.

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