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  • Draska

  • Username: Draska
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  • Samara, France 50205
  • www.draska.net
  • African, Reggae, Singer-Songwriter
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  • Samara: Lo que hay, Media Luna, Flying Taco, Rancho de la Playa Nosara: ElChivo Tamarindo: ElCoconut, Seven, ElBe Club Manuel Antonio: Emilio's Cafe Jaco: El Hicaco Limon: Bar Tsunami Sushi Puerto Viejo: TheLazyMon, Moonli, Chilly Rojo, HotRocks Santa Teresa: Banana Beach, Habanero, Pizza Tomate, Taphouse MonteZuma: Organico, Puggo's
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Higher Plays: 154
Innocence Plays: 192
Waterhole Plays: 172
deeper Plays: 133
starlight Plays: 181


Driven by the force of cultural and musical diversity, Draska blends ancient traditions of West African with Western urban poetry.
Draska is tearing down musical frontiers and his compositions interplay with the richness of the n’Goni, by using pedal effects and altering it’s originally pentatonic scale.
His mellow at once bittersweet voice is melting with the n’Goni and exploring electrifying West African rhythms, coloured with african Instruments and underlined with background vocals arrangements from around the world.
Daniel RASTER (DRASKA) was born and grew up in Switzerland, studied @the Jazzschool in Lucern, then travelled a lot discovering particularly West African music and Instruments, he was living from 2007 to 2011 in Lisbon, then in France until 2014 and is now living in Costa Rica.

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