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  • 22 Kings

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  • San Diego, CA 92115
  • www.22-kings.com
  • Acoustic, Americana, Folk Rock
  • Band
  • The Ruby Room, The Griffin, Tower 13, The Duck Dive, House of Blues (LA & SD), Room 5, Tin Can Alehouse, Burlap, Skinny's Lounge, Pacific Beach Alehouse, Soda Bar, Marriott, Palomar, 710 Beach Club, Offshore Tavern, Baily Winery, Jumping Turtle, Ginger's @ Barley Mash, The Wine Lover, Lestat's, Kaffee Miester, Hooley's Pub, Sawdust Festival, Pala Mesa Resort, Rebecca's Coffeehouse, Frauds & Swindlers, Jitters, University Club, Herringbone, Cosmo's, Bahia Resort, Ocean Ave Brewery, Witzend
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Out to Sea Plays: 99
Not Today Plays: 47
Follow You (live) Plays: 46
Your World Inside of Me Plays: 46
Heart Shaped Hole Plays: 46


22 Kings walks a fine line between Folk, Americana, and Indie Rock. Their organic character communicates raw emotion balanced with angelic harmonies and uncanny, sometimes mysterious, resonance that will win over even the toughest critics. One cannot help but become overwhelmed with melody when observing a live performance of 22 Kings. As they continue to work with other artists and producers, 22 Kings' sound and repertoire are reaching new depths and dimensions. There is no telling what is in store for Sam and Sandi as they continue to explore brave new musical frontiers.

A friendship of over 15 years has morphed into one of the most exciting times in both Sam and Sandi's lives. Through hardships, life crises, tears and laughter, this last year has brought them closer together than ever before. As a result, they have moved to San Diego to spend 100% of their time focusing on creating music. To both Sam and Sandi, this seems to be the right time and right place: throwing themselves into songwriting and performing has proven to be what they should have been doing all along. It's a magical crossroads in their lives in which a loving friendship, talent, and a little luck may prove to take them to the top.

22 Kings was formed through an evolution of Sam Bybee and Sandi King singing harmonies together on Sam's last album, "I Hate Pretty Girls". It didn't take long for the two to realize how special their sound could be.

Sandi began her singing career at the age of 10, harmonizing to her father's music. Her love of music and her eclectic training and experiences in the musical world span from choirs, musicals, rock bands, jazz bands and rock operas. Her other love is food, having completed Culinary School and worked as a chef at various restaurants in San Francisco. It's been a busy and exciting time having been able to put a very promising and loved culinary career on the back burner as the prospect of following her first love -music- is becoming a reality.

Sam has spent the better part of 20 years as a singer/songwriter making music his priority, funding his passion with all kinds of jobs ranging from government contracting all the way to managing an upscale bakery. With 2 albums under his belt and a 3rd recorded but never released he has a wealth of experience and knowledge that has jumpstarted 22 Kings and the songwriting process with Sandi.

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