Touring Tricks of the Trade


-Almost every gas station has a microwave, so use it. Campbell’s chunky soup keeps well and tastes great on the road.



-Every coffee shop has free milk, cream, and water. It is wise to take advantage of these gracious offerings and make yourself a healthy cup of cereal in the morning. And if you eat healthy, the tour will be a lot more fun. But be sneaky with this one.



-Fast food joints offer plenty of complimentary utensils and tissues. They typically refer to the latter as napkins, so don't be afraid to grab some if you've got the sniffels. And don’t forget your free condiments: salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, etc.



-Nationally based, free wireless Internet sources include: Coffee shops, fastfood joints, public libraries (and libraries usually have computers available for people that don’t have their own laptop), and colleges and universities (in this case sign in as a visitor or "borrow" a student’s user ID). Nowadays too, a smart phone and iPad can go a long way in helping to get shows booked while on the road



-Always keep up on your oil changes. Jiffy Lube is very reliable and inexpensive. The last thing you want is to breakdown in the middle of nowhere and miss a gig.



-Using synthetic oil in your engine and transmission makes the gears run a little cooler, inevitably going easier on your transmission. Pulling a trailer is hell on vehicles, and a blown transmission will ruin your tour so heed our advice! Also, make sure that the transmission filter gets changed every 50K-80K miles.



-Get as many gift cards as possible at birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, and any other gift giving celebration. You'd be surprise how much you start to value just a single cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in the morning.



-Always shop for food at the local supermarket. Buy in bulk and be conservative. And always remember to set aside additional band funds and income to cover gas and unexpected motel costs. 



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