How To Get & Increase Radio Airplay


Radio airplay, whether we're talking about Internet streams, traditional spins on broadcast stations, or through the likes of Pandora (reference: "How to Get Your Music Played on Pandora"), is huge when promoting shows, tours, and album releases.


Alas, it can also be the elusive white whale, especially when trying to get your music onto a Commercial radio station. 


Whether we're talking about winning your song a spot in the regular rotation, setting up a live on-air performance, or merely conducting a primetime interview, radio exposure is always important in securing and promoting a live show (Reference: "Establishing New Market Contacts") and can really help in bringing out the numbers and gaining name recognition in a specific market.


So how do you secure radio airplay (+Radio Promo Tips)?


Check out these free articles for tips: They really offer quite a bit of insight, and a lot of them were written for touring bands.


And once you're ready to take the next step in reaching out to the program directors themselves, we highly recommend that you exploit the IOTM radio directory for local radio station listings and contact info.



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