How To Approach Music Venue Bookers


When contacting a music venue, bookers and talent buyers tend to take you a little more seriously if you speak to them as a representative of your band rather than just as a band member.


While you may play guitar or drums, you also have authority to speak for the unit, so you do truly represent the band. It really comes down to a matter of professionalism, as it never comes off well if you say, "I play guitar for this awesome band and you should book us." Your introduction should go as follows:


“Hello, my name is …… and I represent ……


Don’t lie and say that you work for Sony music unless you truly do. If a booker asks if you are in the band, tell the truth. If you are asked how many people you can draw, give a reasonable and honest estimate.

+What's My Sales Pitch for Booking?


DO NOT attach MP3’s to your initial booking email unless the "Booking Tips" for that music venue specifically state to do so. Bookers and talent buyers generally hate to download MP3’s unless they specifically ask for them, and the new, fashion forward wave of submitting EPKs (none of which maintain a universal format for quick review) for booking consideration tends to be more annoying than not.


It is best to include a link to your official website, profile, or other online music destination, so that the booker can quickly and easily listen to your music via streaming audio from the Internet.


Another thing that bookers hate is receiving emails inquiring about booking nights that they do not typically host live music. Do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with a venue, the genres they book, and the nights of the week that they actually host live music before reaching out.

+Using IOTM's QuickPitch Feature can be a big help in this sorting and emailing process.


Last but not least, ALWAYS include as much contact information as possible in your booking inquiry, i.e. phone number, email address, band name, band website, etc. And lastly, include ALL selling points in your email. Ask yourself, "What is going to give this booker a reason to book my band other than just our music?"


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