Iowa Music Festivals & Conferences


Below you will find Indie on the Move's compiled listing of annual music festivals and conferences in the state of Iowa, helping bands and musicians increase their industry knowledge, broaden their networking reach, and better promote and showcase their music, shows, and tours.

From Maximum Ames Music Festival to 80/35, we did our best to include a thorough and comprehensive index, but if for some reason we've overlooked a specific event, please let us know through the contact page located HERE so that we can add it to the site ASAP. 

With regards to any larger festivals, be sure to think outside of the box. While many of them do not regularly book independent acts as part of their official showcases, the national and international bands that do perform often draw some of the biggest built-in crowds imaginable, and provide a huge influx of music lovers and enthusiasts to each respective event location.

So try booking a show at one or several of that city's smaller local venues/bars/restaurants during the festival itself and take advantage of the vast number of music fans located in one place at one time. Even playing an ad-lib acoustic set in the event parking lot can go a long way in gaining you new fans and selling some merch.

Ames, IA Music Festivals & Conferences

-Maximum Ames Music Festival - Dates: Mid to late September


"The second annual Maximum Ames Music Festival was a huge success because of the overwhelming enthusiasm and support of this great community. We hosted over 130 bands over four days in twenty different venues all over town. Music ranged from folk to punk, from pop to bluegrass, from jazz to metal, from rock to country and everything in between." - Submit to Perform

Clear Lake, IA Music Festivals & Conferences

-Winter Dance Party - Dates: Early February

Des Moines, IA Music Festivals & Conferences

-515 Alive Music Festival - Dates: Early August


-80/35 Music Festival - Dates: Early July


"Beyond a wild weekend of music, 80/35 unleashes the happy birthday kid in all of us with interactive art activities, DIY booths, meet & greet tents, a kids’ play zone and more. And music fans can savor and devour the best food and drinks from right here in Iowa."


-Gross Domestic Product Festival - Dates: Spring


-Little Big Fest - Dates: November

Dubuque, IA Music Festivals & Conferences

-America's River Festival - Dates: Early June


"America’s River Festival is an event filled with national acts from the world of country music and classic rock legends. Music and folks from around the country fill the Port of Dubuque for a one-of-a-kind experience."

Forest City, IA Music Festivals & Conferences

-Bash on the Farm Festival - Dates: Mid June

Lone Tree, IA Music Festivals & Conferences

-Camp Euforia - Dates: Mid July

Waukee, IA Music Festivals & Conferences

-Waukee Music Festival - Dates: Early August


"The Waukee Music Festival Presented by the KEE, was created not only to bring exposure to Waukee Downtown Triangle, but to bring a big music festival feel to a growing community. Our mission is to support our community by donating a portion of the proceeds to local charities to benefit children of Iowa."