Fever | Extreme's Deep Fever Remix 7' Inch Edit

User: martone

From the unreleased album Erogenous Zone, Fever produced by Marvin DJ Extreme Detroit Hairston. "With a modern touch, Martone covers Little Willie John’s “Fever”. He transformed the ’50s classic hit like no other. In the past, we heard great versions by Elvis Presley, The McCoys, La Lupe, Beyonce and even Madonna. Nevertheless, Martone brings to light this tribute for the younger generation. His cover captures the epic finger snaps and the jazz-oriented vibe from the original. The all-new upbeat sound matches perfectly with Martone’s passionate vocals. Millennials might be thinking this is how “Fever” was always meant to sound. But what they’ll like the most is probably the House remix, which is, of course, pure fire for the dancefloor!" ElectroWow 7/3/17