"Koons" -OSP

User: andyea

To quiet the voices that stereotype and negatively categorize, “KOONS” is an impassioned statement against the covert and overt indoctrination of black people in America. “It's my way of saying no more smiling while oppressed, no more boot licking, no more shuckin and jivin.” A statement that lives in OSP’s bloodline. “My Uncle Johnny lost his leg in a cotton gin at the age of 14, my grandfather and his father before him were Sharecroppers. We've learned to enjoy the taste of oppression enough to not fight against it, and yet embrace it as our only way to live.” The Artwork: “I wanted a powerful statement to be made without standing on my soapbox screaming out and explaining it.” OSP says of the artwork that, even unreleased, has warranted strong opinions both for and against the images. "It's meant to be offensive,” Syrka Records Andye A says of the artwork. "When I first heard the hook, I knew immediately we needed something to support and draw attention to the scope of O’s message.” ​“We (as black people) have been negatively perceived for so long that it wouldn't much matter if there was negative feedback…” OSP pauses; “Any negative feedback is welcomed.” With KOONS unapologetic lyrics, On Something Personal takes on a stark tone in defining the platitude of treating people as individuals, instead of vilifying and falsely generalizing an entire culture... making OSP's statement crystal clear.