Plhus1 - Want It All

User: Plhus1

2015-2016 Was A Very Hectic & An Emotionally Trying Time For Plhus1 & His Family. After Plhus1 And His Family Were Almost Evicted By His Own Sister & Aunt Who Trying To Get Him Out Of The House He Grew Up Since He Was 9years Old Just To They Could Sell The House And Keep All The Money From The Sale. But Plhus1 Was Victorious During The Court Case That Dragged On For A Nearly A Year. These Bars Are Just The Tip Of The Emotional Iceberg That Came Crashing Into Plhus1's Life After The Death Of His Mother Which Was The Catalyst For The Whole Ordeal That Began In 2013 and Finished In 2016. Plhus1 is intent on putting High Quality Lyrics Over High Quality Trap Beats. "I Want It Allt" is a club banger off the upcoming Mixtape Titled "Draft Night" Dropping June 22nd the same day as 2017 NBA Draft. Make "Draft Night" Your Number Overall Pick This June 22nd. To stay up to date with Plhus1 click the links in the description or in the page headed.