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Digital has helped me incredibly
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We released an album this past September called Monsters Talking which was recorded in June. We used ProTools and all that high tech stuff, which was really easy to manipulate and control. For example, instead of recording a fuzz bass through a pedal, we recorded it clean and messed around with a lot of different distortion plug ins until we got the right sound. This was amazing to me.

I should say here that I am a big advocate for natural sounding instruments. Electronica music is great sometimes, but I have no desire to create it myself. I like real pianos, guitars, drums, and full orchestration. On our first album, we recorded a lot of strings and orchestration, and while it sounded great, it took a lot to organize. This time around, we had a sampling program on a keyboard which sounded EXACTLY like real instruments because each note on this program was ACTUALLY PLAYED by a real musician. For instance, if we wanted a D note played legato on the cello, we could do that, and string together a bunch of them to create a melody.

I was skeptical at first, but to my ears, the final product sounds great, real, and exactly what I wanted. Listen for yourself to the first song on Monsters Talking in which we sampled strings, harp, and brass (Note: the drums are real). It's called "Quiet Epiphany".

What do you think? Though I would like to work more with real cellists, saxophonists, violinists, etc. in the future, without this digital "shortcut" I would never have been able to create and realize this music now.
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And in the end, as long as you are happy with the final product, the recording is a success. Right? As I said in my post on the other topic, I think it really comes down to the person that is doing the recording. If you know what you want and how to achieve it, does it matter how you get there?
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I've recorded both ways, and installed protools into Tom scholz's studio back around 94 - and one thing he said stuck with me.... "I've never had to reboot my tape deck". So put me in the analog camp. Sure, PT, Logic, all of them are great for certain things, for us - Adela & Jude, we strive to capture the essence of a live performance. If we could record withthe old gear used to record Hank Williams, the carter Family and such - we'd record that way. In fact most of those old recordings were done on broadcast equipment - or later - equipment modified from broadcast - old RCA gear and the like.

I won't dismiss digital, I just think analog,voltage controlled signals sound better than a source that's chopped into 96,0000 samples. Just has more to it, whendone right.