Utilizing these tools will change your touring career.
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I've been using Indie On The Move since 2010. The tools they provide are worth every cent and I've never felt ripped off. As each year goes by, I get better at using IOTM and venues get better at presenting their artist wants/needs, which leads to more productive communication and less time spent booking. My biggest advice if you're just starting with IOTM: Be realistic with who you are, what YOU are looking for in venues, what size venues you actually want to play - are you willing to do tip based performances (if not, then don't email venues that state "artists play for tips"), get your own PA/sound gear, and lastly, don't take anything personally. Choose venues that YOU want to play, and that you think are a proper fit for your type of music and presentation. Choose the venues carefully because you now have the tools to do so, and venues will start to really respect you. If you're not the proper fit (and that happens all the time), wish them a good day, happy holidays, say "thank you" anyway, etc. Manners mean a lot in this industry. Thanks Kyle for providing such an amazing tool for indie artists. To my fellow artists: best of luck out there!
-Elle Carpenter