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My band had an opportunity come up to spend a short amount of time on the East Coast, and we wanted to try to take advantage of as much of it as possible. Before we decided to use IOTM, we had spent time playing a show here, a show there out of town. Once we started using the DIT feature, we were given guidance on how we could best present our music and ourselves in the most professional way possible. Our presence on the internet has grown simply from following the steps provided by the program. Once we had improved our presentation and it was time to pitch venues for our tour dates, IOTM did the heavy lifting and all I and to do was answer the abundance of emails that came in from venues in all of our target markets. I would highly recommend using this service, especially if you are just starting to hit the road. The information I now have will make a return trip to the east coast in the future much easier, and I plan to use the service to help gain a following in other markets.