Woodhead savors tour booking success thanks to IOTM! Now Woodhead tours.
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Woodhead was very pleased with Indie-on-the-Move, and had great success in booking over 20 dates throughout the Northeast this summer. Kyle was knowledgeable, professional, and quick to reply, which was especially important when we were filling open tour dates on short notice. Every single date we targeted was filled, and the logistics make sense (mostly)! We have always done our own booking, and really liked how IOTM enhanced that capacity; most importantly, we still retained full control over our interactions with the clubs (rather than ceding this power to a third party booking agent). But as busy, full-time musicians, we would never have had the time or manpower to gather the breadth of information available in the IOTM booking spreadsheets. Handling our own intake allowed us to be selective with about where we played, but the wide reach of their contact pool generated some opportunities for us that wouldn't have been there had we done a narrower solicitation ourselves (especially in our home market of NYC). We spent a couple hundred bucks, hit up almost 500 venues across 13 markets, and got exactly what we paid for. And we'll do it again. So should you. http://www.woodheadband.com