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DIT Touring Program
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My associates and I were wondering a few things about the nature of the DIT touring program. Our first and most important question would be what exactly the term "markets" means, we're guessing venues, but would like some clarification. The second would be that, assuming "markets" is referring to venues would paying for ten of them mean that we will have ten shows booked, or they will contact ten venues. Third, would my DIT manager be talking to the talent reps directly or simply helping me with my pitch and sending it off to the talent reps.
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Hey there,

No one ever answered this and I'm sorry for that fact. I'm new here but I bought into the DIT program. I haven't had my phone call yet, but I can share what I got in an email before the call.

Answer to question 1:
"A market being a city and the surrounding area." They will contact ten cities and venues within that city.

Question 2:
Market would be contacting venues within a "market" or a city. Ten cities.

Question 3:

"The second part of the campaign entails me (IOTM) sending that pitch out to music venues in your target markets on your behalf saving you the time, effort, and energy that would go into doing so. Once delivered, I turn the booking role back over to you and you handle the negotiations and confirmations with the talent buyers."

Hope that helps. Let me know.