get the Booking Pitch Consulation
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I just finished a very successful mini-tour with dates from Portland down to San Francisco and LA. I could not have done it with out the combination of consultation with Kyle to review (and edit) my booking pitch, and the system he uses to send out the emails. A concise and impressive booking pitch is key to getting responses from booking agents. He tweeked my pitch letter to make it more effective, cutting out the excess and adding the key elements of a good pitch letter. You can send out emails all day long but if the pitch isn't a good one you're not going to get a good response rate.
When you're sending pitch requests, your email headers should have the city and dates you are available. When you are sending tons of requests, it can take a lot of time for you to manually personalize each email. The system IOTM uses automatically personalizes the emails, saving you tons of time. And there must be some magic involved somewhere because the response rate was a whole lot better coming from the IOTM campaign than i was getting sending individual emails on my own.
Summary - just do it. Get the Booking Pitch review, an hour consultation with Kyle, and a few markets and your bound to have as big (or as little) of tour as you wanted.
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Hi. Did you get paid for the gigs on that tour?