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What type of camera should I use?
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If you're a novice or beginner to photography, this may be a question that you have. At some point you may have heard someone, or may have even said yourself, after looking at a photo, "wow, this is a great must have a really good and/or expensive camera?" I know that is a response that I have heard more than 1 time.

So should you go and buy the most expensive camera in order to get the best quality images? The simple answer that I give is "no." I have taken pictures of the same quality of my DSLR with a point and shoot. That said, there are certain things that I would want in my camera especially if I want to photograph concerts and I would recommend a DSLR (digital single lens reflex). First and foremost, whether a dslr or point and shoot your camera must have a "manual mode" option. In my opinion, it's imperative that you photograph in manual mode (this is a topic that we can discuss via another thread. I would also look to make sure the camera can at least reach an ISO of 1600 (preferably up to 6400) - again, we will discuss what ISO in a later thread. Another factor would be what sensor the camera has - full framed or cropped? This is where the big time price spike occurs...full frames sensor camera bodies are pricey!

I currently use a Canon T2i. The ISO tops out at 6400 and it has a 1.6x crop sensor. The camera in my mind has great bang for the buck! I will post examples of my photos when I am on my computers.

I know I just wrote a lot to digest and may have used terms that you're unsure of. I apologize for this and will make sure that topics in this post are explored in more depth in future posts/threads.

The intention was to give a quick introduction to what to look for and also to let you know that an expensive camera doesn't necessarily equate to better quality pictures.

Thank you!
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On my blog ( you can see my pictures.

I would say the most important thing is lens or camera that will give you a nice wide open aperture. I have done plenty of shooting with all types of cameras but I am most happy when I have a lens that will give me a f/1.8.

I use an old Nikon D80 that I picked up for $400 and I use my old manual focus lenses on it.
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Don't forget steady hands.

You can have the latest and priciest DSLR but if you have shaky hands then a person with P&S camera will still get better pictures than yours.
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Steady hands are a given regardless of the camera you use. Many lenses also offer an Image Stabilization (IS), which will help with hand held photography and reducing blur with slower shutter speeds.

That said, you probably don't want to be shooting much less than 150th of a second shutter speed to capture and "freeze" motion. I typically feel that 200th or 250th of a second shutter is the lowest you can go if you want to capture and freeze the motion of a drummer.

Of course this is all dependent on the activity level of your subject.