How has Indie on the Move benefited you?
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Indie on the Move was the answer to my prayers. Booking shows and figuring out how to go on tour as an independent musician was a top priority, but I didn't know where to start. I found myself overwhelmed by my lack of knowledge on "how to book" and the geography of routing and venues. By the grace of GOD, I heard about IndieontheMove from a friends band and booked my first tour through their DIY services. Kyle was supremely helpful! He always got back to me in a timely manner, gave me advice when I wasn't sure about cities, and enabled me to tour! In addition to the great service, the venues are good places; stages, lighting, nice management, good experiences that I know I will be happy to return too. I am eternally grateful for their service, accessibility, and camaraderie in this crazy game.
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Indie on the Move allowed me to go on my first tour ever as an artist! They were the answer we were looking for in figuring out how to book shows in other cities and get our name out there. Kyle is extremely helpful and knowledgeable in all areas relating to touring and going on the road. We are already thinking of using them for the next tour.

I highly recommend the DIT package and thank you IOTM!!
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Indie on the move is great! We've already done our first tour and planning on our second one as we speak! Kyle is wonderful help and makes booking shows seem like a piece of cake! Glad I found this site when i did.

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IOTM definitely helped me with booking my first North East Tour, I appreciate Kyle and the entire staff for helping me update my website to make it look 100x better and more venue/promoter friendly in order to get a better response to booking gigs. The DIT (Do it Together) Service is amazing. I'm definitely excited about booking the 2nd leg of my tour in the new year!
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IOTM was amazing and I highly recommend it to any band and/or artist. Kyle was always responsive and great to work with.As an artist it can be overwhelming to do it all but IOTM and the DIT ( Do -It-together) approach makes it bearable and even fun and exciting. I am looking forward to working with IOTM in the future.
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Indie on the Move gave my band the jumpstart we needed to successfully book our first tour. We have used the site for years to look up venues for one-off shows, and finally used the pro services for the tour. The Do It Together campaign offers a lot of bang for the buck, and saves quite a lot of time. Our IOTM professional evaluated our web presence and tour plan, offered advice and routing guidance, helped develop a professional email pitch, and then did the work of tailoring our pitch to all of the relevant venues in our target markets before contacting them on our behalf. We started getting our first responses from venues almost immediately, and then began sorting through and locking down shows. We even ended up with some pleasant surprises in the responses. It is a "do it together" plan, and if you follow up with your end after the initial pitching process and utilize all of the other resources and information the site offers, you should have no problem booking a successful tour or other shows. I would HIGHLY recommend this for a band or artist who is new to touring, venturing into new areas, or would simply like to save some time and effort by sharing the workload with pros.
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I could never have done for myself what IOTM did for me on my latest tour. I couldn't believe how many responses I got from venues, and I will certainly make their services a part of my business moving forward.