How has Indie on the Move benefited you?
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It has made us feel pretty good about giving back to the independent music community.
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"It has made us feel pretty good about giving back to the independent music community." - indieonthemove

Indie on the move has been a lifesaver! It is the most helpful website I have ever used. I recommend it to any independent touring musician.

-Antique Scream
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Indie on the Move is a huge part of the reason I can make a living doing music. I use it more than any other website, besides my email. It's freaking awesome. The best thing about it is that it helps me get shows in places I've never been. I remember the days when I'd have to go through the phone book or physically mail CD's to venues and Indie on the Move has helped me book shows like I'm actually living in the 21st century.
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We do 250+ dates a year and pretty much live on the road, booking all our own shows. Getting that all going without Indie on the Move would seriously have been excruciating; it would have been a much slower start. IOTM is organized so we don't have to be. ;)
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IOTM has been a crucial part of Warner Drive's success! For the past 3 years we have been on the road touring the U.S. doing on average close to 300 shows a year. The way that IOTM is set up makes it very easy to book your own tours. From the amazing list of contacts for venues and bands to the reviews that the bands leave on the venues pages. IOTM is the most comprehensive web site out there for any DIY band/musician who want to tour! They have done the work so you don't have to.
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Thanks for the kind words Elvis. You guys are KILLING it on the road. And...I'm blushing on behalf of everyone IOTM.
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I love Indie on the Move! It's the best touring resource I have found. Easy to use and up to date.
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We've been an independent, full-time touring band for the last four years and have played close to 1,000 shows in that time. It wasn't until we discovered Indie on the Move that we saw a major increase in quality shows booked and a major decrease in the time spent booking them. With up-to-date venue info, it's user-friendly layout, and extensive list of venues IOTM has been instrumental in the growing success of our tours and affords us the time to actually be artists. We recommend IOTM to every band we meet and cannot imagine booking shows without it!
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Indie On the Move is THE best site for finding shows, evaluating venues.. The best and we sing your praises everywhere - over on Facebook - dropping youguys to get other people signing up.

I would like to see a more robust gig swapping section - we're always looking to swap shows - mabe some kind of points reward system that gets ya some free advertising or something for the band with the highest gig swap ranking or something -

Love ya much - I don't use sonicbids - they are a scam as far as I am concerned - some of the fees are absolutely stupid.

Keep it up!

Adela & Jude
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Thank you both very very much for the kind words!!

And I love the idea. We have a bunch of new features/ideas on the cue for 2012 thus far but I will certainly add this to the list of things to brainstorm.

Keep up the good work. Are you headed to SXSW?