Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How do I add my music venue to
  • Being that the venue listings on are controlled solely by site administrators, all you need to do to add your music venue to the listings is inform us of the following info and we'll get it added to our database:


    - Venue name

    - Address

    - Official website

    - Url to any Facebook or Twitter pages

    - Venue phone number

    - Age requirement for shows: 21+, 18+, all ages, etc.

    - Booker's name

    - Booking email address and/or booking phone number

    - Genres of music booked

    - Venue capacity

    - Nights of the week that live music is held

    - Any additional booking tips


    **Please note: We typically limit our venue listings to those with a capacity of 2000 or less, and generally prefer establishments that host shows on a regular basis; otherwise, anything goes. From house venues to theatres and concert halls, we will list them all.

  • Question: How do I tag pictures/videos to venue pages?
  • To have your picture/video appear on a specific venue page, simply upload them via the "Media" section of your user account here: (you can also click the "Upload" button in the "Photos" and "Videos" sections on your profile page and venue pages themselves), and select the appropriate music venue using the "Pick Venue" button. That piece of media will then appear on your user profile as well as on the venue page with the appropriate links.

    **Please be aware that you can only select from venue listings that are currently live on our site. If the venue no longer exists or the video was taken in your friend's garage, just leave that field blank. The photo/video will still appear on your user profile.

    And while it seems obvious, it must be said...please only tag the appropriate venues with your media. We added this feature to further benefit the community and keep our users as informed as possible, not to promote a new song on an unrelated venue page.

  • Question: I am the booker/owner of a venue that appears on How do I edit my page? What is my account log in info?
  • To ensure accuracy, the official music venue pages on are actually created and maintained by the website administrators. If you have an edit to submit, please click the "Edit" button next to the venue name on that specific venue page and send in your changes. We will take care of updating that info for you.

    As far as logging in goes, if you have not created a FREE user account yet then you would not have log in info. Again, the venue pages are controlled by the site admins, so you do not necessarily need to have a user profile in order for your venue to be included in our database. Please contact us HERE if you have additional questions or concerns.

  • Question: I am a venue booker/independent promoter. How do I post my open show dates and find bands to perform?
  • To post a show availability, simply create a FREE user account, log in, scroll over the "Availabilities" tab at the top of any page and click "Manage Availabilities". You can also follow this direct link (if already logged in): You will be guided through the process from there.

  • Question: My songs/videos did not upload properly. What did I do wrong?
  • Songs

    First, make sure your song file fits within our specifications - MP3 only and no larger than 10 MB. Second, do not leave the upload page until your file has fully loaded. If you do, only the text will come through and not the actual song file. Consequently, the song will not play.



    Make sure to enter the proper source (YouTube or Vimeo) and ONLY enter the video ID (not the entire URL). If you see a grey video camera as opposed to a frame from your video as the associated image on your profile page, then you did something wrong. Go back and re-upload. More detailed instructions are available on the video upload page. Please read them carefully if you are having problems.

  • Question: How do I edit/turn off my show availability email alerts?
  • To turn off show availability notifications and alerts, log in to your account and adjust your preferences here: You can also access your preferences by clicking on "Account Settings" in the "My Account" drop down menu.

  • Question: I cannot log in to my account. What should I do?
  • To reset your password, follow this link and enter either your username or the email address affiliated with your IOTM account: